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International Journal of Body, Mind and Culture

AJPHS Modern medicine is supposed to be in a paradigmatic crisis in terms of the accelerative demographic, epidemiologic, social and discursive Aspects. The ontological, epistemological and methodological gaps in biomedicine lead to a chaotic condition in health believes and behaviors.
Body, Mind and Culture is focused on interdisciplinary, cross-cultural and conceptual research; Theoretical papers, review articles, case reports and clinical trials which address biopsychosocial interchanges and interactions in the field of health and Medicine will be welcomed. The researches should focused on paradigmatic shift and/or humanizing medical practice. All interdisciplinary researches such as social sciences (e.g., sociology, anthropology, psychology), humanities (e.g., literature, religion, history, and philosophy and arts (e.g., music, cinema) which have an impact on medical education and practice are acceptabl.
Publisher Name Farzanegan Radandish Co.
Publisher Country  
Publication Language English
Publication type Online
Publication frequency per year 2 Issue
ISSN No. 2345-5802
Current year Impact Factor 00
Journal Content Link
Journal Mail id
Journal Website
Year of starting 2014