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  • IJERA has been successfully registered with Jour Informatics.

  • Jour Informatics Rating will display till the Month of December 2013.

  • Any researcher can be register as JI Scientists.

  • Jour Informatics is registered non profitable organization.

  • It is governed by the team of healthy research personalities.
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The aim of this web-based communication platform is to offer a set of essential tools for global scientists networking and international research collaboration, providing scientists with:

  • Integration of different sources of information: literature, grants and patents and the personalised delivery thereof based on scientists profiles
  • Effective communication and exchange of information between scientists through blogs writing.
  • Worldwide scientists networking based on research profiles
  • Notification of scientific/professional job vacancies on a personal basis
  • Multi-parameter career evaluation system which analyses research potential, innovation index, teaching potential and administration experience

Easily join or start your own on-line research projects, find collaborators with desirable research skills and access to key equipment for your research or search worldwide for scientists operating in your area of expertise and compare your professional career with those of others. Monitor literature, case reports, conferences, patents and available grant opportunities. Jour Info saves you time effectively filtering available information so you receive exactly what you need.

Who can register as JI scientist?

  • Minimum qualification should be Master degree in their respective field.
  • Presently, he/she should be working as Researcher or research guide.
  • He/She should be attach to any University/Institute/Research Lab/R& D/ Industry.
  • He/She should not be a publisher of any Journal or magazine.
  • He/She may be the writer of any book or article. What would be the benefits after becoming the part of JI scientist?
  • You would get a unique JI Scientists ID.
  • You can write comments on Jour informatics blog.
  • You will be among the network of Researchers, scientists.
  • You can know the newly released Journal in your fields with their JI rating.
  • You may get the opportunity of becoming the editor/reviewer of any JI registered Journal according to your profile field.
  • You can suggest to Jour informatics tam for further updation.

Register yourself for writing comments in Jour Informatics blog and to be the part of Jour Informatics global scientist's network.


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