Jour Informatics is a non-profitable organization. It is a medium for introducing the Journals to the researchers. This service helps researchers to finding appropriate Journal for referencing and publishing their quality paper. In this global world, there are lots of Journals. So it is very difficult to find best relevant Journal which can be useful for us. Here anybody can find and also check the quality of particular Journal by Jour Informatics Rating, decided based on the different critical analytical parameters.

Few facts about Jour Informatics:

  • There are no any charges for this site.
  • Jour Informatics does not publish any journal (list is provided for information to scholars)
  • This site is funded by an independent group of researchers.
  • Jour Informatics doesn't belong to any private Journal or publisher for their mandatory benefits

What Jour Informatics is not:

  • A product for sale.
  • An Article database.
  • A direct-to-end user service.
  • A search Interface.
  • A broker of full-text content.
  • Made of just big commercial publishers.

Jour Informatics for Researchers:

Jour Informatics provides following key benefits to researchers:

  • List of Journals of different subject categories for searching the relevant research of their subject.
  • Journal's real facts and figures by Jour Informatics Rating. It is done by independent body of Editors on the basis of different terms and conditions.
  • It helps to author to finding the Journals of their interest with all details.
  • Latest information of upcoming events like call for paper, Last date of paper submission, Publication date etc.
  • Independent comments by visitors of the Jour Info on the publisher and Journals.
  • Reply of queries by the Publishers.

Jour Informatics for Publishers:

Jour Informatics is the place to announce your own (or to forward information about others) newly planned, newly issued, or revised electronic journal or newsletter. It is specially dedicated for those who wish to share information in the planning, gleam-in-the-eye stage or at a more mature stage of publication development and availability.
As such, it is an infrastructure for linking citations across publishers and the only full-scale implementation of the Jour Informatics Identification Number (JIIN) to particular Journal.

This service accepts peer-review and tracks manuscripts online and buids up relations with authors, reviewers and readers as well as increase the international awareness of a Journal.

After including the Journal any publisher can use Jour Informatics logo in their journals indexing pages.